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Northern India Textile Mills’ Association (NITMA) is an association of Textile Mills located in Northern India and was established in the year 1958. It is registered under Societies Act XX1 of 1860 and is a non-profit body solely engaged in helping promote the interests of Indian Textile Industry not only in the northern part as the name suggests but also in central and western states of the country.

All new membership should come from NITMA’s assigned territory viz J&K, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, or from companies having registered or corporate offices are in the Northern Region irrespective of the location of their plant. Uttrakhand, Chattisgarh, UP, Gujarat, Maharashtra etc. shall stand included in NITMA’s assigned territory henceforth.

The Northern India Textiles Mills Association, popularly known as NITMA is serving the interests of textile units for more than five decades.  Many of the large, medium and small textile industries located in northern India are associated with NITMA  with the combined turnover above Rs. 50,000  Crores and represents approx. 20% of textile production capacity.

NITMA’s  objective is to promote and protect the economic interest in relation to production, sales, trade and commerce of textile and textile manufacturers.  NITMA takes up the issues and concerns of its constituent member units effectively with all the wings of the Government both at the Central and State levels.

Recognizing the quality and effective coverage of its wide range of services, there was a demand that it should enlarge the scope of its membership to include Associate members without voting rights  and enroll them irrespective of their location and area of acivity like : cotton merchants, ginners, machinery suppliers / manufacturers, dyes and chemicals suppliers, consultants ,Readymade Garments & made up units.  NITMA being the service organization has been engaged in promoting and protecting the interest of its members in its interface with Government and its agencies at various levels and takes up issues following issues :

• Projecting in target markets the performance and potential of its member units through various media.

• To organize Seminars, Workshops, Conferences and meetings with various State and Central Government authorities.

• Sponsoring outgoing textile and other related interest of members in trade, economic and commercial relations with other countries.

• Convening meetings on policy level issues related to central and state levels, to provide an opportunity to its constituent members to review, discuss and wherever, to formulate recommendations to the Government and other authorities.

• Executing projects and responsibilities entrusted to it from time to time, by various agencies like CITI-CDRA, NITRA , TSC etc. and servicing as a forum for exchange of  views and information between Government Departments both at the Central and State levels.

• Organizing Training and Orientation Programmes for its Constituents members on various aspects including Foreign Trade policy and Procedures, Rules and Procedures of Customs and Excise and other subjects related to exports.

• Conducting special Studies on subjects like target markets, products, quality and issue based topics.

• Attending on a day to day basis, queries and operational level problems of individual units and referring such issues and concerns to the concerned departments and officials with sustained follow ups.

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